Circular Blades

Eurolame commerciale srl, manufactures cutting blades of every size, up to the external Ø of 750 mm and of high quality, suitable for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous materials, crystal oriented and not and grain oriented magnetic steel sheets.

Technical specifications


They are manufactured by utilising highly bound tooled steel supplied to us by the major Italian and foreign steel manufacturers and accurately chosen on the basis of: every application of material to be cut and specifications of the cutting line. The purpose of all this is to optimise performances and life of the cutting edge, based on the requirements of each customer. We are also capable of manufacturing special steel blades with a wear resistance clearly superior to normal steels utilised.
We have supplied equipments of any type with the results of full customers’ satisfaction. We pay very much attention to verifying thickness and flatness tolerances. The accurate verifications and the most modern machineries assure compliance with the strictest values.

We have reached our greatest aims!


Parameters Thickness Standard Precision Super-precision
Thickness 0,005 mm. ± 0,003 mm. ± 0,001 mm.
Parallelism 0,005 mm. 0,003 mm. 0,002 mm.
Roughness 0,3 Ra 0,2 Ra 0,08 Ra
Outside Diameter H 7 H 7 H 6
Inside Diameter h 7 h 7 h 6
Flatness > 2 mm. 0,20 0,10 0,05
from 2 to 5 mm. 0,10 0,05 0,03
from 5 to 10 mm. 0,05 0,03 0,02
> 10 mm. 0,01 0,005 0,002



Cutting tools for slitting and trimming lines

Circular blades, straight blades, trimmers in high alloy steel, constructed for the cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel and non ferrous metals.
Maximum cutting thickness up to 25 mm.

Manufacturing possibilities:
Circular blades up to max. 750 mm (Rectified)
Tolerance of thickness up to ± 0.005 millimetres
Circular blades up to max. 400 mm (Rectified or lapped)
Tolerance of thickness up to ± 0.001 millimetres


Assembly Diagram for Circular blade shears